Goodbye, Fall 2017

The semester is winding down, and my final exam is on Thursday. This semester I taught 2 sections of one of our introductory biology courses (Intro to Molecules, Genes & Cells). Our final exam is on Thursday night, and my students are hopefully in full study mode. I'm getting a few panicked emails, but for the most part I think they're remaining positive and calm.

The self-designated "Whatley's Angels" take a break from exam prep. (Alex Esposito, Julia Malarkey, Ally Archer, Monty Rodriguez, and Lily Albainy) 

Even though the semester is winding down, I'm gearing up for a new course in the spring - The Molecular Basis of Biofilms. This will be my first foray into an #open course. Even the use of the word open makes me cringe. I know that it's so nuanced, and what I'm doing probably doesn't fit someone else's definition of open... but you gotta start somewhere! 

I'll be sure to post my progress over the next few weeks.