Back to School...

...Back to STEM

It's that time of year again - back to school season. While you're probably very busy preparing for the upcoming academic year, I encourage you to think about your longterm goals. There are many things you can start doing now to prepare for your future in STEM.

High School Upperclassmen
College Applications - Juniors and seniors, many of the early decisions applications are due November 1-15. That means you have September and October to get your college applications together. If you're not completing early applications or plan on applying to schools with later deadlines, then you have more time, but don't push it! Start working on those personal statements and leave yourself time for teachers, friends, and/or family to critique your writing and give you feedback. Also if you haven't taken the SAT yet, there are three fall dates - October 3rd, November 7th, and December 5th. Registration for the October test closes on September 3rd, so get moving!
STEM Experience - Reach out to local STEM professionals to set up possible shadowing or internship opportunities. If you don't know anyone in your area, LinkedIn is a good resource to find local professionals. Remember email etiquette - make sure your message is polite, clear, and concise.

Next week I will include advice for college students, so make sure you check back! If you would like personalized advice about what you should be doing at this stage of your academic career and are interested in science and technology, check out Ripen the Meristem. RtM is a community-based organization that serves underrepresented students and young professionals seeking STEM careers. Find out how they can help you!